Brimming With +10 Mystery of Wabi Sabi Bedroom Decor

If you like the Scandinavian interior design style, Industrial to shabby chic, this time we will introduce the interior design trend that is currently happening, namely Wabi Sabi.

This inspirational interior decoration from Japan is based on the idea of ​​the beauty of imperfection. ‘Authenticity’ is the key to Wabi Sabi’s philosophy, such as cracks and scratches on walls or floors. The color palette that is often seen in the Wabi Sabi interior design are earth tones, natural colors and also white. So overall, Wabi Sabi is ideal for those of you who like simplicity. This is a sincere and intimate aesthetic for someone who is looking for tranquility more than style.
Strange right? Want to know how to apply this decoration trend to your home? Here are some tips that can be cheated.

1. Geometric Patterns

Yeps! Wabi-sabi decorations combine two things: minimalism and simplicity. Well, then the geometric pattern on the wall is one of its mainstay.

2. As many natural rays as possible

In the Japanese decor style, natural lighting is essential because it adds the brightness and sharpness of a room, while reducing the boundary between nature and home. So, if possible, get rid of it and throw away the sad curtains in your window and let the sun come in freely.

3. Handmade objects

For furniture, the wabi prefers hand-made objects — the results are usually not as perfect as machine-made. Add vases, bowls, plates made of clay or tables made of wood; don’t forget to choose objects that have functions (not just displays) so that the room feels wider.

4. Natural Colors

Wabi-sabi prefers to use colors that are darker but smell of nature, for example dark gray, green, or identical to trees. The reason? To create peace at home. And not only can be applied in the selection of wall paint, but also for floor tiles, doors, accessories and curtains.

5. ‘Perfect’ imperfections

This one might sound strange, but one example of the wabi-sabi style is a wall that looks flaky, dull, uneven colors. It might be a bit difficult to bring this element home, so you can successfully multiply Pinterest.

6. Fragrant House

This element is also important in the decoration of wabi-sabi, but the fragrance must be closely related to nature and nature. So, choose natural scents that make you feel like you are in a forest, beach or flower garden.

7. House Plants

Because it relates to nature, logically, one of the most appropriate ways to bring it into the home is … by placing plants, roots, plants in possible angles.

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